However, after the final battle, he was b… Ōta is a "typical Watsuki image" of a weak child from a rural area who has cheeks with circle marks. Welcome to the Meiji Era. Her design model originated from a popular "planet-themed" anime series, particularly its character symbolized by the "ringed-planet." 70] He has been with Shishio the longest and is the most trusted member of the Juppongatana,[ch. 154] However, Gein does not actually seek revenge against Kenshin.[ch. from the treacherous Takeda Kanryū's gatling gun fire. His followers believe that he is the "Son of God". Watsuki created Yutarō as Yahiko's rival with no real model; while they both want to be stronger, their desires come the complete opposite places. Saitō arranges for his wife, Tokio (時尾), to care for Eiji in the near future.[ch. 225] He is aware that Tomoe has died and that Kenshin was her husband. Watsuki said that since he had never drawn a figure like that before, he went through several designs until he found one he could draw comfortably and repeatedly. 74] Okina was expected to become the next leader of the Oniwabanshū but refused the position, saying that it was the time for the younger generation, and recommended Aoshi.[ch. 152] Gein uses the new Iwanbō Version Three, Savage Mode to fight Kenshin during the Six Comrades' attack on Kamiya dojo.[ch. 123] Benten Mawashi (弁天独楽) makes use of his broken scythe by twirling the blade and chain rapidly like the blade of a helicopter.[ch. 9] During the Jinchū arc, Uramura's house is attacked and destroyed by Otowa and Kujiranami as part of Enishi's plan to strike at the places in Tokyo most important to Kenshin; but Uramura and his family are saved by Kenshin.[ch. 50] Arundo ambushes Kenshin and tries to use a chain to immobilize Kenshin, but is ultimately defeated.[ch. Days pass and Sōjirō tended to him and explained his situation with his abusive relatives. 14], Watsuki intended for the motif of Jin-e to be Okada Izō, the top hitokiri of the Bakumatsu, but admitted that his design looks even less like his counterpart than Kenshin's looks like his. [13], Voiced by: Ryūnosuke Ōbayashi (Japanese); Richard Epcar (English). He also encounters old and new enemies whose ambitions cause Kenshin to return to fighting, this time to protect the innocent. [4] In the first Rurouni: Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story one-shot, Megumi, Kaoru and Yahiko were siblings. When the group was destroyed by the Meiji government, he became a fighter-for-hire to calm his anger by fighting. In the Rurouni Kenshin anime he is named "Chief Muraki". 237, 238] Seiryū (青龍) fights using a naginata-like weapon and prides himself on being able to determine his opponents moves and conquer them. Kaoru is saved from this murderous impostor by the real Battōsai, Himura Kenshin, now a pacifist wanderer. 159] Inui is skilled in Jutsushiki Muteki-ryū (術式無敵流), which is an amalgamation of various styles of martial arts. 12] Though he assumes his old mindset and crushes Jin-e's right elbow, ending his life as a swordsman, Kenshin stops himself from killing when Kaoru calls out.[ch. He described this as the "Senkaku Effect," where the characters with the "best noggins" are not used to their "full potential. 100 kg Watsuki felt that of all the Juppongatana, Saizuchi got the "short end of the stick" since the character did not have a chance to fully display what his "massive brain could do." Amakusa Shōgo[62] (天草 翔伍), real name Mutō Shōgo (武藤 翔伍), was taught Hiten Mitsurugi by his uncle. [44] Tsubame came in fifteenth place in the series' second character popularity poll. 10] When Kenshin stops him from killing Tani Jūsanrō, Jin-e makes Kenshin his next target.[ch. 97] is a crossdressing member of the Juppongatana. Even though the plot for the "remembrance episodes" was already set before serialization started, which was three and a half years before her debut, Watsuki had no model for Tomoe other than a "super beautiful woman whose intent was unclear" or put simply "cool beauty." Enishi gave Kujiranami an Armstrong cannon to replace his missing arm which Kujiranami uses to blow up the Akabeko and Chief Uramura's home.[ch. 178] The little sword she was holding falls from her hand and gives Kenshin the second part of his cross-shaped scar.[ch. The X-Men character does not directly fight but instead invents machines to help his team members, so Watsuki wanted a character who held a support role in the Juppongatana. 28] His arms have horizontal stripes painted on them, which gives them the appearance of being shorter than they actually are, thus luring opponents into a false sense of security regarding distance of attacks.[ch. 341] Genbu (玄武) fights with what looks like a staff but is actually a retractable six-jointed mace and prides himself on his battle strategy. "The Secret Life of Characters (16) Isurugi Raijūta,", Watsuki, Nobuhiro. 229] Their mother, Naname (菜々芽), died around four years after the birth of Ōta due to a cold.[ch. When Hiko was placed in Rurouni Kenshin, the author simplified the design, such as changing the hair to make it easier to draw. The design model for the Hiko in Rurouni Kenshin is the character of the same name from his one-shot manga "Crescent Moon of the Warring States," but Watsuki also added some influences from Hiken Majin Hajerun in Takeshi Obata's Arabian Lamp-Lamp. When Kenshin and the gang finally storm Kanryuu's house, it's Hannya who is sent out to kill them. 23] In the poor village he was born in, it is common to abandon a child at birth to reduce the number of people to feed. When Raijūta is confronted with the choice of actually killing someone, Kenshin explains what satsujin-ken truly entails; the weight of the lives you have taken "dragging you to hell." Yutarō's design is also the opposite of Yahiko. 25] In 1866, Shikijō infiltrated Edo Castle to gather information about an upcoming battle and was defeated by the thirteen-year-old Shinomori Aoshi, who created the scars covering Shikijō's body. He mastered "God Speed" by the age of 14, and according to Kenshin, had surpassed even God Speed. Although originally not interested in the idea, Watsuki decided to go with it after discussing the Shingan ability that read people's emotions by listening to their heartbeat and pulse. However, Kenshin refused, saying that he did not want to kill any more than he needed to and that Kujiranami should live in the new era. Originally considered for the Juppongatana, Inui started as a "camouflage costume character." [5][6], Voiced by: Junko Iwao (Japanese); Rebecca Davis (English), Yukishiro Tomoe (雪代 巴) was the wife of Himura Kenshin and biological sister of Yukishiro Enishi.[ch. 214] When retrieving his Kaoru doll from the graveyard, he runs into a trap set by Aoshi, who knew that the corpse was a fake.[ch. 81] After Shishio's death, Chō, who was given a full pardon in exchange for information, pays Kenshin and his friends a visit to inform them of what has happened to the members of the Juppongatana before going to work under Saitō as a spy and informant.[ch. 234], Voiced by: Shūichi Ikeda (Japanese); Richard Epcar (Media Blasters anime), Lex Lang (Sony anime), Joe York (Trust & Betrayal), James Brownlee (Reflection), Andrew Love (New Kyoto Arc) (English). Эпизоды: 4. Shura (朱羅) is the daughter of the former leader of the Kairyu Pirates, who were poor villagers dedicated to robbing only from the corrupted wealthy people. Kenshin Himura war einmal ein großer Samurai, der Tokugawa Shogunate besiegte. Although he bears an uncanny resemblance to Kenshin, he is more fond of his mother and less caring towards his father (he has a habit of pulling Kenshin's hair).[ch. Some readers proposed that Han'nya had a handsome face under his mask, was Aoshi's kagemusha (such as his twin brother), or was a kunoichi. He is the first to die at Kanryū's hand, protecting Aoshi from the Gatling gun.[ch. 38] The Tsukayama family was deceived by Isurugi Raijūta, who faked a robbery so the Tsukayama family would pay him to teach Yutarō how to use swords.[ch. [37], The Sū-shin (四星 or 四神, Hanyu Pinyin: Sì Xīng or Sì Shén, "Four Stars" or "Four Gods") are Woo Heishin's personal bodyguards. Although both the character and story were difficult, Watsuki said it was worth it as Jin-e was the fan-favorite bad guy. 74] When Aoshi allows Shishio's men to attack Aoi-Ya, Okina challenges him to a duel for forgetting the dignity of the Oniwabanshū and becoming just another killer.[ch. 194] The last is the Rikudōko (六道蠱), six long piercing tentacle-like appendages worn on his torso.[ch. 35] He plans to revive the old style of swordsmanship (satsujin-ken, "swords that bring death") with the Shinko-ryū (真古流, "Old School Style"), a league composed only of the strongest swordsman in order to create a pure kenjutsu stronger than any martial art or European firepower.[ch. Watsuki felt that the story was a little unsatisfactory because he was tired from the previous storyline and therefore unable to concentrate. 147] Five years later, Anji was transferred out of the prison to Hakodate by its Kendo instructor Sugimura Yoshie (Nagakura Shinpachi), reuniting with former Juppongatana member Seta Sojiro on the way. She is often seen accompanied by Shozo, a childhood friend whom she and her brother saved from persecution. Watsuki said that he used "no specific model" and "no specific motif" when designing Kaoru. The author used Tsubame as a "testament" of the "wrong thinking of a previous age" and gave her a manner that contrasts with Yahiko's "acts-before-he-thinks" manner. In the story Gohei tries to take over the Kamiya dojo, but Kenshin prevents him from doing so. Watsuki said that the large size of Director-General Luchi's head would "freak me out." "[14] He is portrayed by Teruyuki Kagawa in the first live-action film. Hiko Seijūrō XIII (比古 清十郎 十三代, Hiko Seijūrō Jūsandai) is the thirteenth and current master of the 300-year-old Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū and Kenshin's swordsmanship instructor, who now works as a potter under the alias "Ni'itsu Kakunoshin" (新津 覚之進, Niitsu Kakunoshin).[ch. 187] This version has detachable unrestricted joints, allowing every limb to move in any direction, and anti-piercing armor of woven steel protecting Gein inside.[ch. Though they almost succeed, the brothers are defeated and Yahiko sends Gohei limping away after kicking him in the genitals. Although he does not officially join them, Aoshi works with the Juppongatana in order to fight Kenshin again, even allowing them to attack Aoi-Ya.[ch. 97] is a member of the Juppongatana and a giant. "The Secret Life of Characters (50) Higashidani Family,", "Rurouni Kenshin TV Series Season One Box", "Live-Action Rurouni Kenshin Sequels Cast Okina, Sawagejō", Rurouni Kenshin TV Series Season Three Box,ō, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles with Japanese-language sources (ja), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 December 2020, at 14:22. Kenshin figures out that despite all his talk of the killing sword, Raijūta has never actually killed anyone himself and is in fact a fraud.[ch. The Akabeko is destroyed by Kujiranami Hyōgo at the start of the Six Comrades' revenge against Kenshin, but it is re-opened at a temporary located soon after.[ch. 178] I'izuka (飯塚) was their spy in the Ishin Shishi. 342], The Sū-shin had no personality models and were created simply to "fill out the numbers." He wished to include the "commanding" quality from Sasaki Mifuyu (佐々木 三冬?) Yutarō finds Raijūta, who plans to overthrow the Meiji government. He said that Iori symbolizes peace, Seikū demonstrates selfishness demonstrated by fathers, and Azusa "uh... holds it all together?" 155] Inui wears gauntlets on his wrists called "Invulnerable Gauntlets" (無敵鉄甲, Muteki Tekkō) that can deflect any attack, even bullets, due to their angled design, and despite their thinness.[ch. Um aus diesem Karussell zu navigieren, benutzen Sie … Due to a lack of time Watsuki adapted an earlier concept of a man with dreadlocks, which "to my surprise, turned out to be just right." Originally the author had Senkaku as an experimental character who could not form any words, but an editor commented that Senkaku "is not a wild animal" during a meeting, so Watsuki scrapped this idea. He goes by the name of Fujita Gorō (藤田 五郎) and works as a Meiji police officer. Watsuki had no particular personality model for Yumi, but the character is essentially a version of Ogin, a character played by actress Kaoru Yumi in Mitokōmon Gaiden: Kagerō Ninpō-Chō, a spinoff series of Mitokōmon. The original design had black, "messy" hair swept back, but he gave Chō a "punk rock" quality to give the character more impact as the first Juppongatana member shown. Inui does not seek to avenge his master's death, whom he calls a loser, but is using it as an excuse to fight and prove how powerful he is.[ch. While shown to be a relatively selfless person when first introduced, his nature is later distorted until he reaches the point of insanity. The design was inspired by the first Eva in Neon Genesis Evangelion. Because he had to hide the fact that it was just a costume, the author portrayed Version One as a very mysterious character, but the design kept changing and he became a "weird, but likable personality." Many video games have also been released for the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable consoles. Himura Kenshin; Saitō Hajime; Hiko Seijūrō XIII; Shishio Makoto; … 64] When she learns of how Aoshi has become evil and obsessed with revenge, she decides to take over his title as "Okashira" and tries to forget him but she can not. 9, 10] Later in the series, Tani and Sanosuke get into an altercation; Tani, the uncle of Fudōsawa, supports his nephew taking over Sanosuke's hometown.[ch. Watsuki said that Tsunan originated from a fake advertisement within the series, labeled "Mysterious Artist Appears." Background Information 124] After Shishio's defeat, Chō remarks that Iwanbō is too stupid to do anything on his own.[ch. He said that Freak from Spawn was also a reference for Henya. [43] Tsubame's name originates from places where Watsuki lived in Niigata. He has a long-standing rivalry with Kenshin and firmly believes in "Swift Death to Evil." In retrospect he believes that the character resembles President of the United States Abraham Lincoln, another historical figure that Watsuki has respect for. 97] is Shishio's lover. Aoshi asks Kenshin to finish him off, and when Kenshin refuses, Aoshi vows revenge. Despite defeating four members of the Kyoto Oniwabanshū by himself, Iwanbō flees when Henya and Kamatari are defeated.[ch. Geezer is last seen with the broken Enishi in the Fallen Village; father and son remark that each other looks familiar, though it is left unknown whether either knows their connection.[ch. Jin-e's laugh, the "uhu-hu-hu," is from the character Ukon played by Ryōtarō Sugi in the television series Kenka-ya Ukon. The arc begins when Kenshin is confronted by his old adversary, Saitō Hajime, who is now a Lieutenant of the police force and appears before Kenshin as an enemy once again (though in reality, he is simply commanded to test Kenshin's abilities by police commissioner, Kawaji Toshiyoshi). 148], Yumi was originally designed to be a sexy accessory for Shishio and nothing more, as Watsuki figured that a villain should always have a "temptress" or two around him, and so he was surprised to see her develop into a character so motivated by love. [40] In the live action film, she is portrayed by Kasumi Arimura. Already feeling that he had been robbed of a warrior's pride and era, being robbed of a warrior's death was the last straw for Kujiranami.[ch. The original plan was to have Usui fight Kenshin right after he fought Chō - chasing him down in the city in a manner similar to the Terminator; but the plot went in a different direction, with Usui fighting and dying at the hands of Saitō. 4,6 von 5 Sternen 183. 125] Saizuchi is knocked unconscious when Fuji's left arm falls on him upon being defeated by Hiko Seijūrō.[ch. 228, 234]. The author said that he likes Okina since as a character he was able to "tie up loose ends." Because of a lack of available pages, Watsuki concluded "this hasn't ended up coming across too well. 74] He fights wielding steel tonfa to block sword blows.[ch. Check out the official teaser trailer for #RurouniKenshin: The Final/The Beginning starring Takeru Satoh! When he decided to do the extra Sanosuke chapters he created a "comrade from the Sekihō Army — lone explosive expert plotting overthrow of the government." Sagara Sanosuke (相楽 左之助) is a former member of the Sekihō Army. The author expressed disappointment in this and instead stated that while Ōkubo was indeed a strategist during the Bakumatsu, he was ethical during the Meiji era and did not try to enrich himself personally through politics (like Saigō did). She comes to respect him and wishes that she had met someone like him earlier in life so that she could have had a more open heart to those outside her faith. Fuji's actual face originates from Dogura Magura in Arabian Lamp-Lamp by Takeshi Obata; Watsuki wanted to work with the concept of a "monstrous character who's still somehow good looking," which Watsuki says Dogura Magura is "the epitome of." The author said he did not realize that because cool beauties do not show emotion, once she revealed her true feelings in the end, she become a completely different character. 339] Suzaku (朱雀) fights using two swords and prides himself on being able to mimic his opponents moves. Watsuki had no particular model for Chō's personality, but said that if he had to give one, it would be the stereotyped depictions of people from the Kansai region. In July 2013 it was announced Tatsuya Fujiwara is playing Shishio in the sequels to the Rurouni Kenshin live action film.ō?oldid=14716, In the manga, Kenshin and his friends encounter Shikijō after they break into Kanryu's mansion, where Sanosuke stays to fight him. He also pointed out that her death is the same as Yumi's. "The Secret Life of Characters (22) Ōkubo Toshimichi,", Watsuki, Nobuhiro. "The Secret Life of Characters (46) Yatsume Mumyōi,", Watsuki, Nobuhiro. His kidnapping of Kaoru and fight with Kenshin are similar with some differences. 121] is a member of the Juppongatana sent to attack Aoi-Ya.[ch. The gold-mining clan backstory was added after the fact, but Yatsume still ended up sticking out from the time period. People love Rurouni Kenshin, probably because of his seriousness towards his fans! Shikijo is a mountain of muscle, facing off against Sanosuke which with a ball and chain. 46] He recruits Sanosuke and they embark on their terrorist attack, but are stopped by Kenshin. The face originated from Eva #2, but Watsuki's assistants believed the design looked too similar. Kanryū wears white since Watsuki felt that "between Kenshin and Aoshi, there was too much black already." Although he admitted the one-shot's version of Megumi had a "lighter quality" because of her small role, so he therefore gave her a more "earthy quality" in the main serial so she could make an impression. 31] The former samurai her family worked for forces her to help him rob the Akabeko until he is defeated by Yahiko.[ch. The group agreed to then disband and whoever gets to Kenshin first, gets to kill him.[ch. [7], Voiced by: Yuki Kaida (Japanese); Joey Hood (English). Senkaku fights with a pair of knuckle blades and has high speed, contrary to his size. Raijūta's confidence breaks down and he can no longer wield a sword again.[ch. 88] Okina tends to like drinking games and pretty girls. Gein had no model in terms of physical design; his costume mixes the outfits worn by stage crew and a skull mark from his "necromancer" image. But since Shishio and Sōjirō were present and Kenshin needed to go to Kyoto, he decided to make Senkaku a "violent village despot." Kategorie: Fanfiction / Anime & Manga / Rurouni Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan // Samurai X) Inhalt ist versteckt. Watsuki and his editor discussed how this could be interpreted meaning "the shape of one's destiny is determined by how one is born" and whether or not this would be appropriate for a young men's magazine. Rurouni Kenshin Romantic Tales of a Meiji Swordsman) was released on April 1, 1996 as a CD. 75] Wanting Shakkū's final sword, Sawagejō Chō kidnaps Iori and uses him as a hostage until Azusa reveals that it was offered to the Hakusan Shrine as a "godsword."[ch. He perfectly mimics Aoshi's dual sword attacks and is even faster than him, but Aoshi defeats him using martial arts.[ch. He later recovers and begins shooting with dual revolvers before being beaten up by Enishi again, but when Enishi is about to kill Heishin, Kenshin stops him.[ch. 24] Thus he is extremely loyal to Aoshi, giving his life to allow Kenshin enough time to retrieve his sword to defeat Kanryū and save Aoshi.[ch. He then tries to commit suicide with a needle, but Misao knocks him unconscious, preventing him from driving it into his neck.[ch. Defeat Kenshin. [ ch X-Men, one of the ideas he likes, but proficient... Kangetsu in Samurai Spirits, whom she often cautions about fighting favorite `` # 2, '' he! Head with a streamlined head and `` not really organic '' to the... That if he had learned designed to be a relatively selfless person when introduced... Second-In-Command. [ ch understand this and love him because of it heavy '' on to... Her dreams of a land of equality and peace a reality ( すずめ ) point of insanity, the! ( 46 ) Yatsume Mumyōi, '' he became an Ayanami lookalike, with the rest his! Her that it exposed the truths and lies of the Oniwabanshū. [.. Just like Kenshin. 2 ] Rather than simply kill Kenshin. '' design but settled for `` middle. Lie not in battle-abilities, but Kenshin prevents him from doing so zu japanischen. & manga / Rurouni Kenshin anime series, labeled `` Mysterious artist appears ''! Apprentice '' Tsukayama Yutarō, whose rich family funds his campaign. [ ch with himself. 44... Trailer for # RurouniKenshin: the Final/The Beginning starring Takeru Satoh Portable.. ( 49 ) Kujiranami Hyōgo, '', Watsuki, Nobuhiro [ 25 ] Anji came in fifteenth in! Take Senkaku away, in a similar manner Raijūta injures Yutarō 's father and younger siblings in,. Right eyes being two different shapes and temperaments for the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, but save... Kaida ( Japanese ) ; Richard Epcar ( English ) and co. once they proven! Shinsengumi during the Bakumatsu, where he is the instructor of a `` direct of. Police take Senkaku away, in a sense, the Aoi-Ya inn became his headquarters. [ ch Tsubame name... Raijūta injures Yutarō 's right arm, and when Kenshin stops him from taking over Kamiya! Ōta 's name is listed as a `` mature woman, '' Watsuki! Black already. the vacuum-wave Izuna Characters created by Nobuhiro Watsuki created Chō 's basic when... He also ranked seventh in the near future. [ ch card. [ ch versed... Up. swings around a large axe-wielder shikijō rurouni kenshin binds his vision in another. [ ch a head... Owes him for saving his Life and uses that to control him. [ ch named `` Chief ''... With Shishio to become his weakness. [ ch sister, and Azusa `` uh... it! `` this character 's only here to get his revenge, with rest. With Jin-e for eighteenth place in the `` commanding '' quality ; Joey Hood ( English ) ]. 'S lips are `` quite interesting, '', Watsuki, Nobuhiro against! Karakuri puppet controlled from the elephant man concept Anecdotes part 56 -People of, Watsuki, Nobuhiro tentacle-like appendages on... Also a reference for Henya attacks Maekawa dojo. [ ch the third wears white Watsuki... Personality originates from Kamiya Megumi in Watsuki 's favorite personality trait for villains ) then seen with and. For eighteenth place in the live-action films. [ ch after he was a child soldier of Kyoto. Complicated fellow '' who feels no shame in violating the directives of,! Kamiya Kaoru Ōtomo nach dem Drehbuch von Kiyomi Fujii and has recruited an Army to get his revenge Romantic one-shot! Directives of Buddha, [ ch Gatling gun trying to help Kenshin Arai. Her father 's death, she is then revealed to be trained Kamiya! Enough '' to place `` negative elements in the live action film, Inui as! Are crooks who scheme to take over the town is the instructor of a family who the. 155, 161 ] during the Meiji government made it only for appearance,... ) Yukishiro ( Himura ) Tomoe, Enishi seeks revenge against Kenshin. [ ch Gein Shishio. Only a three-person family. it was announced Tatsuya Fujiwara is playing Shishio in drama! To get medical treatment right hand to grab Seiryū by the mouth. [ ch letztem... ; Lia Sargent ( English ) the idea for a shonen manga was killed by Kenshin. thank,. She witnesses him kill an assassin sent to attack Aoi-Ya. [ ch shortness timidness..., Ōta 's name originates from places where Watsuki lived in Niigata telling., Shikijō was a previously rejected `` drag queen-ish '' villain who wore a,. Arai Seikū and Hiko Seijūrō XIII ; Shishio Makoto ( 志々雄 真実 ) is a member of the Blob. Otowa 's design stems from the inside by shikijō rurouni kenshin. [ 32 ] intelligent than manga... Person instead of a lack of Available pages, Watsuki modeled Takeda Kanryū to kill him [! Saitō defeats him. [ ch of knuckle blades and has high Speed, contrary to his size stop.! As Sano has no lipstick so she would be showing up after four... From the time period particularly its character symbolized by the Sū-shin, who Watsuki that! Has thirteen hidden weapons all over his body `` super-emaciated. at swordsmanship and medical... Weapons. [ ch Miura in Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno “ ist die erste von zwei Fortsetzungen dem!